We think of clean drinking water as a basic human right; however, this is out of reach for nine out of ten people in West Africa.

Our mission is to tackle poverty in West Africa.
Our strategy solves immediate problems on long-term basis.

The journey starts with a single step.

It is extremely important to us, that our support is sustainable and instead of single aid approach, we are implementing a comprehensive strategy to create a long-term impact. In recent years we have supported several communities in West Africa, created a opportunities for the locals to work and earn a living, and planted thirty thousand trees to help improve land fertility and stop desertification.

100% transparency.

The operation of our foundation is completely transparent. 100% of donations are utilized and accounted to achieve our goals.


The operation of our foundation is 100% transparent. We are committed to issue public quarterly financial statements. In our newsletter and on our website, we provide project milestones and current, up-to-date information about our projects on a regular basis.
With decades of experience under our belt we are well aware of the striking issues in West Africa. However also this experience allowed us to see the tremendous amount of unutilized potential that is present. Strategic and long-term plans properly managed and executed could develop a self-sufficient and flourishing environment that is no longer under the pressure of poverty and disease.
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With a one-time or regular donation under the support tab, you have become our valuable and much appreciated patron. If you feel you can contribute to our work in other areas, please email us at info@worldaidsolution.org

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We have planted 37643 trees in Africa and this is just the beginning.

Our aim is to stop desertification and deforestation and plant new forests on a large scale